Business is ever changing. As small business owners, we tend to think about changes in technology, market demand and competition. Small business owners commonly forget to pay attention to changes in Human Resources requirements and trends. In the past decade, Human Resources has seen some dramatic changes. Is your office keeping up?

If you are a super small business with at least one employee, I’m guessing you don’t have in-house human resources staff. None of my clients have in-house HR employees. Rather, they outsource to HR specialists. These specialists commonly work with many small businesses simultaneously. They help with on-boarding, employee handbooks, payroll questions, or any HR issue that may arise at your office.

If you have an outsourced HR specialist already, ask them to schedule a 1 hour “update” meeting where you can discuss changes in human resources and decide where your company may need to focus. If you don’t have an HR specialist, please consider scheduling a consultation with a specialist today. The rules are always changing. You are busy. It’s hard to keep up. But falling behind could hurt you.

I like to think of HR changes in two categories.

  1. Rules and regulations enforceable by law. This includes things like overtime pay, required breaks, tax withholding, or the very definition of an “employee” verses a “contractor.”
  2. Workplace trends. Some examples are the office dress code, vacation policy, work-from-home policy, office layout, or office pet policy.

Both categories are important. If you are non-compliant with human resource regulations, you may be subject to legal enforcement. If you are behind the times on employment trends, you may find it more difficult to recruit or retain employees.

Be proactive and learn the rules and the best practices from an HR professional. Take an hour of your time and have a conversation with an HR specialist. A simple conversation may help you for months or years to come.

4 Oranges is committed to bringing you weekly tips in the form of To-Do List items that you can complete in an hour or less. These tips were generated from reviewing best practices from the hundreds of businesses I’ve worked with over the past 15 years. I expect you’re already doing some (but not all) of them. Improve your business by making quick fixes that have long-lasting results.

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