Want to make your site appear higher in search results and drive more traffic to your website? Make simple updates your website.

Old information is boring. People don’t like looking at websites that display outdated information. The search engines know this. Your website has tags that tell the search engines when the last “update” was made. If your website hasn’t been updated in years, search engines are less likely to rank your website high in search results. They assume the info on your site is outdated, or perhaps that you are out of business.

To be clear, I’m not recommending a website overhaul. Perhaps you need a website overhaul to truly optimize your site, but that isn’t the focus for today. These weekly tips are items that you can complete in an hour or less – so we are focusing for now on simple improvements you can make to your EXISTING site.

Although every business is different, there are commonalities across many websites. There are easy things you can update on your website. Here are some suggestions:

  • Intro Paragraph(s) – Most websites have a few paragraphs or sentences on the home page talking about the business. This is a great opportunity to update this section. Does your intro paragraph explain exactly what your business does? Does it talk about who your product/service is for? Does it communicate how you are better than competition? Is it exciting and well-written? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to update your intro section.
  • About Us – if it’s been awhile since you made updates, you probably have some changes to your About Us section that can be incorporated. Do you have new staff members to highlight? Updated job titles? A new mission statement?
  • Blog Post – Add a post about something you are good at. One purpose your website serves is to help show that you are a subject matter expert in whatever your business does. Write articles showcasing your knowledge.
  • Photos – add more photos! This is such an easy way to update your website. Back in tip #4, I encouraged you to take a team photo. Photos of the team increase trust in your company. Beyond photos of the team, you can also use photos of your products or your office. Add photos!

You should be updating your website frequently – perhaps monthly or quarterly. Pick a time frame that works for you. Then add “update website” to your calendar at regular intervals. If you use Outlook, add a calendar reminder. If you use To-Do list tracking software like Asana or Wunderlist, add a recurring item. If you use post-it notes, scribble one out right now. However you like to remind yourself of things, make sure you remember to make updates to your website.

Keep your information fresh. The search engines will realize you have new information. As a result, your search result listings should improve. Simple. Free.

4 Oranges is committed to bringing you weekly tips in the form of To-Do List items that you can complete in an hour or less. These tips were generated from reviewing best practices from the hundreds of businesses I’ve worked with over the past 15 years. I expect you’re already doing some (but not all) of them. Improve your business by making quick fixes that have long-lasting results.

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