The first step to a solution is identifying the problem based on the symptoms you are experiencing. We will focus on how your business works, what opportunities are available, and where your business needs the most assistance. This is accomplished by reviewing your business model and finding the gaps (every business has them).

Once we know what needs work, we’ll find the best solutions to help your business. The identification process always uncovers areas where you need assistance, so now we will develop a plan to fix them! Focusing on your competitive advantages, we will develop processes that allow your business to run smoothly while delivering the greatest value to your customers.  

Normally, there’s room for improvement in multiple areas, so we prioritize and put our plans into action. We will focus on creating value through differentiation, branding, integration, financial management, pricing, and strategic connections. During this phase, we work with you side by side to help you run your business efficiently.

Once things are running smoothly, we switch to maintenance mode. We will talk at least once per month to keep the business strong. You’ll maintain access to all resources (such as templates, examples, and workshops) and will be able to reach out with any questions that arise. 

Time and Pricing

We set a flat monthly rate based on your estimated need during the identification, planning, and implementation phases. Most clients need about 3-4 hours per week and pay less than $3,000 per month. The duration varies based on how many changes are implemented, but most clients work with us for 3-6 months before switching to maintenance mode (at which time we will set a lower flat rate, based on reduced need).

We use flat-rate pricing because we want you to reach out when you need something. We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s happening (and let’s be honest, you’re less likely to reach out if it will cost you more money, right?). You’ll never be charged more than our agreed upon rate. If the scope of work changes and you need more or less than originally anticipated, we’ll simply renegotiate the fixed rate.

It All Starts With A Simple Consultation

This casual consultation is meant to find out if we make a good team. I’ll ask about your business and answer any questions you might have about working with 4 Oranges. During the one-hour meeting, I’ll want to know your general goals for the business – are you hoping to grow your revenues, streamline processes, bring in a partner, etc.

The most common reason business owners contact me is because “I know I could be doing better.” Most small businesses contact me without being able to identify exactly what they want for the business. That’s ok. To be able to help, all I need from a business owner is a desire for growth and a willingness to listen and change.