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About 4 Oranges

4 Oranges is a management consulting firm that was founded on the belief that small changes create big results for business owners. We work alongside small business owners helping you run your business more efficiently to reach your business goals.

After 15 years financing businesses on behalf of banks and private equity companies, founder Rebecca Bergin knew that many small business owners were feeling overwhelmed and were seeking corporate-level expertise.  4 Oranges provides that expertise.

We focus on strategy (marketing, finance, and operations) for small businesses in El Segundo, California and surrounding areas. We assist small businesses by following a 4-step process of identification, planning, implementation, and maintenance. We help with the things that are holding you back – market research, pricing analysis, budgeting, creating processes, making connections, etc. Think of us as a temporary expert on your team.

Our clients come from varying business types- law firms, contractors, distributors, real estate, even the arts. We work exclusively with small businesses who are focusing on long-term planning (rather than start-ups who intend to quickly sell the business). Our clients typically have annual sales of less than $3 million and less than 10 employees. Most clients have been in business for many years. They’ve had successes, but feel stuck and need a little guidance.

Please be aware that due to high demand, we are unable to accept new clients during 2020. We appreciate all the support! 


Why Is It Called “4-Oranges”?

During the summer of 2016, an entrepreneur told me a story that altered my perspective. In the story, his world was changed by a simple act of kindness from a stranger who provided help in the form of 4 oranges. My company is called 4 Oranges in honor of that story. Small changes can make big differences.

What Clients Are Saying

“Rebecca of 4 Oranges has been the business therapist I needed to reshape my law practice to one that best suits me and my clients.  She offers insightful, practical, and non-judgmental advice, whether she is examining profit and loss statements, or helping to refine a mission statement.  She is an expert at asking the hard questions that business owners need to ask themselves but are too busy or afraid to ask.  We will all need 4 Oranges at some point in our business journey”.

Grace Lou, The Law Office of Grace A. Lou

About Rebecca Bergin


Rebecca is a finance, marketing and business strategy expert. After 15 years financing businesses on behalf of banks and private equity companies, she saw a huge demand from small businesses that needed corporate-level expertise. She founded 4 Oranges in 2017 and now acts as a CEO-for-hire consulting small businesses on corporate strategy.

Rebecca holds an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Rebecca was a finalist in the Inaugural Los Angeles Mayor’s Cup Business Competition sponsored by the office of Eric Garcetti.

Academic publications include:

  • Creating Business Value and Competitive Advantage with Social Entrepreneurship (2019) – Chapter contributor
  • A Field Exploration of the “Expat-preneur” Phenomenon (2017) – Journal Article

In addition to business and academic endeavors, Rebecca sits on the boards of 3 local nonprofits and can frequently be found volunteering in the community.

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